Research Services

Clarify Information Services provides customized research services for failure analysis specialists.

Professionals in engineering, transportation, energy, manufacturing, building systems and worker safety rely on our research, analysis, and library support.

When your reputation is on the line, turn to us for thorough, meticulous research and analysis.

We help with:

  • Scientific and technical literature searches

  • Expert witness profiles and prior testimony transcripts

  • Product, industry and market overviews

  • Other research library services as requested

Of course, you can do your own research – and sometimes, it is the best approach. Getting in there and digging around helps ground your thinking about a project. But sometimes having some extra help is just what you need.

when you see tight deadlines on the horizon,

the issues you’re unraveling are complex,

or it’s a high stakes project,

it can help to have an expert research librarian on your side.


10,000 carefully curated standards, codes, books and journals are in-house, and available for your project


Stop being Overwhelmed
by Your stacks of
books and stuff

Here are some ways clients have used Clarify to enhance their outcomes.


When a worker sustained injury while using a mid-20th century textile handling machine, the manufacturer hired our client, a Mechanical Engineer, to sort out the issues.  She needed original marketing and safety materials, and historical industry standards - which were no longer available for purchase. Clarify was able to use its extensive network of researchers to search archives across the country, to provide historical standards from Clarify’s own collection, and deliver reference materials with critical photos from the era of manufacture. The ME’s testimony was key to a successful defense, sparing the manufacturer a potential multi-million dollar judgment.

In a period of heavy rain, a car dealership roof collapsed. A Structural Engineer hired to inspect and determine the cause of the failure incorporated Clarify from the start. He arrived at the inspection equipped with knowledge of the building’s significant repair history derived from county records, weather data – finessed from several sources, and news and video footage of the storm. This preparation allow him to efficiently complete the inspection, analysis and report in a timely manner, helping the dealership resolve financial and repair issues quickly.

A Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) working on an indoor mold project needed a large number of references. Clarify sourced materials from multiple vendors, interlibrary loan services, and Clarify’s own engineering library in order to satisfy tight budget requirements. The CIH was able to complete his analysis on time and on budget.


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