When the stakes are high and it’s your reputation on the line, you want a partner who understands and lives up to your high standards.

Integrity. Reliability. Focused efficiency.

Clarify Information Services brings these values to all our expert-level research activities in support of clients involved in litigation and insurance projects, resolution of manufacturing and workplace safety issues, product liability claims, patent infringement cases, accident reconstruction work, and more.



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Engineering Library

Our Engineering Library houses more than 10,000 carefully curated standards, codes, books and journals including many rare and hard to find items. Our Research Services team uses these resources in support of client projects, and most items are available for loan to clients, and on a fee-basis to individual registered users.

Private Library Services

Overwhelmed by stacks of books and stuff you've collected over your career?

Imagine a neatly organized library and a system that helps you manage it. Clarify can help you sort your stash so you can love your library again.